Voter Registration Form

You can complete this PDF version of the New York State Voter Registration Form on-line by typing the necessary information and selecting the appropriate boxes. However, the file size of these forms is substantially larger than the above forms, so it may take quite a while for them to load on computers with slower Internet connections. Please print this out, and mail it in to the Board of Elections.

  Absentee Ballot Application

Upon completion, applications must be mailed to your county board no later than the seventh day before the election or delivered in person no later than the day before the election. If you cannot pick up your ballot, you have the right to designate someone to pick it up for you. Only that person designated on your application may pick up and deliver your ballot. If you are permanently ill or disabled, you have the right to receive an Absentee Ballot for each subsequent election without further application. Simply file an application with your county board of elections indicating permanent illness or physical disability.